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Tales from the Hood: Nkani Yo Towing'a

My neighbour Chris was a bachelor who really liked lifting weights and intimidating everyone from the hood. He generally minded his own business and with a decent 6 pack and a step that said get out of my way he saw a lot of girls in the hood trying their luck with him. He generally turned them down and everyone assumed he must have had a hottie where he worked although no one ever really saw her.

One gloomy February Night around 21 hours, Chris came home with company. Being my closest neighbour, i could here the merry music playing in his bachelor pad punctuated from time to time by some soft feminine laughter. As Chris shared his house with another guy I could tell that there were two ladies and three men in the house based on the voices i heard above the music.

I continued reading my book the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. As you know when I get hold of a Dan Brown book i can hardly put it down until i get to the end. The noise of their arrival had slightly disturbed me but after some time i was able to ignore it and continued reading.

At some point there was complete silence everywhere. When I got to the part in the book where Robert Langdon was being chastised by the old blind man who said by opening the package, he had set a series of events around the world in motion. As if on cue i heard a huge Bang that had me jump off my bed in fear i looked around thinking what i had read was coming to life.

The sound was followed by loud voices which i couldnt recognise. After calming down, swallowing saliva and centering myself i recognized the sound as coming from the people that were being merry earlier. I then heard the voice of my neighbour bamake Nduku saying segulankoni ba Chris. I then rushed to my favourite spot the window which gave me a good view of what was going on.

Turned out Chris had procured the services of the "working women" at the bar he was drinking from and after he had had his wicked way with the lady in question he was refusing to pay for her services. His room mate in the other had had paid for his own services. We could here things falling and people fight and eventually when the door was somehow opened by his room mate and the other "working woman". they emerged from the house punching and tagging each other. It was at that point that all neighbours got to learn the details of the deeds.

The woman narrated the story as they dragged each other half naked round the yard for all to hear. She accused him of obtaining goods and 'services' by pretense. she used his housemate as a good example because he had paid her friend for his service. She refused to go and when he slapped her across the cheek (big mistake) she went in what appeared to be a seizure which screaming. she ran after him as he was entering her house and slept in the doorway manifesting like she fits or demons. This went on for over 30 minutes after which she just laid there like a log not moving eyes rolled up.

Considering the commotion that had taken place, over 60 people gathered around watching this until one elderly lady told him to pay her. Chris confessed that he had no money taking pity on him as he looked visibly shaken and traumatized one of the neighborhood bachelors' lent him the money which he paid her.

No sooner had he given her the money, she looked up rolled her eyes 3 times coughed, got up and properly walked away with her friends wagging her fist at him and then told him to desist from procuring services he cant afford. The conversation the next morning by the prospectives that had the hots for him was that "Bama Towing'a atase".


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