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Using social Media for Advocacy

The social media for advocacy workshop organised by GIZ in Lusaka Zambia has kicked off today. The workshop scheduled to take place for two days at Cresta Golfview in lusaka has brought together CIvil Society Organisation representative from various sectors.
In his welcome remarks, GIZ Legal Advisor Jens Poessel said GIZ was piloting the workshop for Their CSO partners in Lusaka. He explained that his organization had observed that most proposals that were submitted for funding had similar approaches around advocacy such as workshops. 
Poessel emphasized that the tools appeared limited to the people that had the opportunity to participate in them and it was with this background in mind that GIZ decided to address the issue so that their partners could begin to look at sustainable, far reaching and cost effective means of transferring knowledge and reaching their targets. 
The workshop is expected to provide tools to the participants and enable them to use modern web 2.0 advocacy tools in…

Simple Pleasuers are the best...

By Susan Mwape

 When did you last enjoy the feel of ripe mango juice oozing down your chin or just savor the smell of pumpkin leaves cooking? I guess sitting at home on a Sunday and experiencing these feelings made me realize that it’s the simple pleasures in life that make all the difference. I spent a beautiful Sunday slowly cooking some village chicken until it turned a golden brown. The aroma had many of my neighbors coming by to ask if lunch was ready. This in itself put a smile on my face as I realized how when I was a young gal I always wondered how my grandmother always managed to knock me out with heavenly smells of chicken cooked without cooking oil.

Infact, it started when I was peeling chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves) and she just said Susan you are wasting relish. I just said grandma am tired I have been peeling these vegetables for a long time and am tired. As if she didn’t hear my complaint she set aside her glass of juice to show me how they clean chibwabwa whilst incl…