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The soundtrack of singledom

By Susan Mwape and Nancy Handabile
Speed dating, the internet, cosmopolitan (both the drink and lifestyle) make being a single lady in the 21st Century a daunting feat.
Half the time one walks the street or even sits in a plush and not so plush joint, conversation revolves around hubby this, dude that, my ex here bleh bleh bleh …. The talk goes on and don’t forget the; when are you getting married eyebrow raises (que in shot if tequila gold or sour apple).
Everyone from your mother, grandmother, hairstylist, maid and the lady who sells chikanda wants you to be wed, and nicely (maybe they don’t even care if it’s that nice) tucked with a hubby by your side!!!!!
A drive around the city on Friday (sometimes even from Monday) through Sunday is usually basked in sounds of hooters, cars nicely wrapped in ribbons (forget the toilet paper aka tissue especially now with the rains) of all colours, pretty ladies glittering often in shiny brightly coloured satin dresses (in awful colours the bride cho…