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By Susan Mwape

In as much as society likes to view women as the introverts in society, women are far much stronger than they exhibit. Realistically women are the very pillar of society they carry a lot of burdens and shoulder a lot in their lifetimes. Most often women feel that society only comes to them when in desperation.

Zambia will on 28th September 2006, be holding the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections, so much activity has been taking place in terms of political campaigning ever since Mr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC the President of the Republic of Zambia announced the election date. All political parties aspiring for office have since embarked on political campaigns and most of them have been seeking the assistance of women in their campaigns.

Women have been going around singing songs in support of certain parties and often times the political parties have what in Zambia is known as Chitenge material (Wrap) which women wear as a traditional outfit, they al…

Land politics in Zambia

By Susan Mwape

Despite having 750,000 square kilometers, Zambia still faces a number of issues on land disparities. Land is an important factor in the development of any country; it is a resource for investment, income generation, food production, source of power and most of all shelter.

Most Zambians are insecure on their land because they do not own it; most times they are evicted and even denied of access to land because of the bureaucratic systems placed in land administration. Land is considered to be for the elite because of unfair land allocation especially to the poor. In order to access land one needs to be very persistent failure to which one may be unable to access land. In other cases political affiliation places one at an advantage because it becomes easier to access land.

Land is easily allocated to foreigners and yet citizens have sleepless nights to access land, despite the importance of land in the development of Zambia a major concern is that of lack of issue based camp…