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By Susan MwapeThe strength of women has always been highlighted in many aspects of life, in as much as there have been signs of intolerance for women in society, it has been evident from time immemorial that women are of very strong character. Going by the Bible, Eve’s managing to convince Adam to have some of the forbidden fruit is a manifestation of strength that women possess, If women are the weaker sex how then did one woman manage to change a whole plan of how the world was supposed to be .How did societal roles come to be, how did it come about that women should be considered the weaker sex. Let’s take a looking at this issue from the church’s point of view one realises that in this day and age most women have been stripped of their powers we read in most books of Greek Gods and Goddesses, now we rarely see that balance of power. When you look at the roles of Nuns and Priests who to a certain degree, have to live celibate for the rest of their lives and have to make many other …


By Susan MwapeZambia has not been left behind in embracing the coming in of Information Communication Technology (ICTs). This can be observed from among others the introduction of mobile phone services in Zambia about eight years ago. There has been a steady increase of people acquiring these services; the variety of services providers gives subscribers the choice to choose which network they want to belong to. The service providers also have a duty of advancing their services every time in order to stay competitive and also to stay ahead and in business, in business and also to satisfy their consumers. This competition saw the introduction of one of the first service by one the mobile phone service providers. This service enables a subscriber to own an account that s/he can access on his mobile phone and be able to use it to gain services that include among others, the purchasing of fuel, groceries, clothes and even paying a hotel bills. This service enables the subscriber pay or get…