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By Susan Mwape
There is a place and time for everything in life. I have sat and had an optical view of different things lately and I think it’s about time I shared a scenario that keeps obstructing my optic lens.
Lets talk about the workplace. This is a very professional environment that provides the employees with an atmosphere of exertion. This atmosphere is not meant to be destructed by non work factors and that is one of the reasons most are employees will employ non family members, husbands, wives, fiancées or relations generally.
In instances where individuals or employees fall in love with their employers of fellow employees, a lot of unrest has been known to arise. This situation in most workplaces becomes a second class case of “incest”. Relationships eminent form the workplace start by causing great discomfort among workmates further to the discomfort caused by the new love birds.
Because relationships require nurturing the two people that get into an affair get into the …


By Susan Mwape

Delegates at the ongoing Highway Africa Conference in Grahamstown South Africa, were treated to a dinner and night of pomp and glamour dubbed “ABSA African Night.”

The dinner that was supported by ABSA African bank saw over 700 delegates from all over Africa enjoy themselves.

Remarks made by the ABSA representatives indicate that ABSA viewed the support given to Highway Africa as a contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other various ideals and initiatives of the African Renaissance.

The night started on a calm upbeat note with Afro Fiesta Band playing numerous numbers for the delegates as the night progressed the calm atmosphere slowly changes with a few delegates here and there started shaking their bodies to the ongoing beats, by the time the Afro fiesta left the stage to pave way for the DJ was pumping out hot numbers all the delegates were shaking their bodies and singing along the room that had been filled with numerous delegates sitting a…