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Of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered

Listed as number nine on the 2012 gayest city in the United States of America, Atlanta boasts of having by far the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) event dubbed Atlanta Pride. This is an event that brings together LGBT and straight allies to festivities that include diverse events such as music and dance, information vendors including NGOs and Health Organisations as well as cultural exhibits. Atlanta pride is expected to bring 200,000 attendants.
So how did I find myself at the Atlanta 2012 pride? I was minding my own business in the office when one of my workmates casually mentioned that it was National Coming Out Day. This aroused my curiosity and I laughingly asked her what the coming out was all about. She along with my other workmates patiently took time explaining to me that the day was to encourage all LGBT to come out and be proud of who they were without fear. As my jaw dropped open in realization that this was no joke, my co-workers went on to tell me th…

Countdown to Mwape Peer Awards

One of the biggest and most prestigious events by Zambians in the diaspora events will be held on 13October 2012 in New York City. Over the last two years that the ceremony has been running, seventeen Zambians have been conferred with the Mwape Peer Awards.

Initiated in 2010 by James and Ruth Mwape, the idea to have Peer awards was conceived by the couple who had just moved from New York to New Jersey. After establishing their website which includes a section dubbed brain drain, the Mwape’s begun listing the Zambians who were in the diaspora. The idea was to establish a list of accomplished Zambians and to appear on that list one had to have a minimum of a Master’s Degree. The list later culminated into a book that was published entitled ‘Mwape Who’s who among Zambians’.

 The Mwape’s went on to pioneer the first diaspora online radio show which featured Zambians from all sectors including politicians. The diaspora voice has been running for five years and its listenership …