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The count down to elections in Zambia is on. As we approach this period people are making more and more threats to stay away from the polls. Marketeers at Soweto market have threatened to boycott elections should they be moved from their market. The move is meant to let the council build a modern market at Soweto Market. Marketeers have been assured by the council that they will defiantly find space in the modern market when it is completed but the marketers have maintained that each time a new market is built the old owners of premises are thrown out and foreign investors are brought in.The problems going on at Soweto market however, are not the only disturbing factor surrounding traders in Lusaka, the coming of cross boarder traders is also going on unnoticed, the number of cross boarder traders in Lusaka is growing so much so that they are enjoying selling their goods by moving around offices and all around, most of the Lusaka based traders are complaining that the Comesa market wa…

The Plight of the Cotton Farmer

By Susan Mwape

Advocates around the world are day in and day out vigorously campaigning for Fair Trade.Even though a lot of promises have been made by numerous international, regional and local bodies on the improvement of trade not much has changed for the life of the small-scale farmer.Court Cases have been won by some African countries and Chile in cases where the United States was subsidising its farmers hence and this caused cotton prices to drop on the international family............. all this has had very little impact on the small-scale cotton farmer who is not even aware of what is going on around the world. The Eastern Province of Zambia is one place where cotton is predominantly grown and rapidly expanding, Kagoro is one such area that is situted about 90 Kilometers away from the Government offices, it is an area were almost all the people living in that area survive on cotton farming, this has been influenced by the multination cotton factories in the area, these companies…
san Mwape said...
Attitudes and People

After looking at the coverage of Ms. Kings wedding and seeing all the whose who's of this world Presidents, Politicians, Pastors and all the people that went about giving speeches at the funeral i got a sinking feeling, It made me wonder what all these people that seemed concerned had done for the dead woman. just how much difference had they madein her life?Its like what people say.......... when someone dies people will say all the good they will remember all sorts of good things they will be willing to pledge the highest amount of money on the funeral and yet when the person was sick and dieing they were never there which brings me to the question..... just what significance is there in wasting so much time giving speeches and making pledges and donations for the late?

A woman as strong and powerful as Ms. King I pray the world sees a lot more of them and that we all also learn from her.

May her soul rest in Peace