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The Borrowed Buttocks

By Susan Mwape
There once was Chief who lived in Kazimuli village. The chief married a very beautiful woman and people came from other villages to just look at the chiefs beautiful wife.  As part of the village entertainment every year, there used to be an annual dance competition ceremony which brought women from the village to a dancing competition.
When the Chief’s wife heard about the competition she became miserable. This was because in as much as she was very beautiful she had small flat buttocks. When she looked around the village she saw that most of her friends and women in the village were fat and most of them also had big buttocks. She then realized that she did not stand a chance in competing with those women.
After thinking and thinking the Chief’s wife saw a dog that they used to keep ate the palace. The dog had big buttocks so the chiefs wife decided to go and talk to it. She told the dog about the competition and explained to it how sad she was that she could not compete…